TCPA Compliant peer-to
-peer texting

Reach your customers faster and get better results by
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It can be difficult for a business to reach people–everyone is busy and the world
is noisy. But customers do read their text messages.


of texts are read
within 5 minutes

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Powerful Tools at Your

We make text messaging TCPA compliant, but there’s
more! Check out some of our other
dynamic features:

  • Send SMS and MMS
  • Request Read Receipts
  • Integrate Into Your Current Communication Workflow
  • Monitor Results in Real-time
  • Password Protect PDF Documents
  • Respond to Customer Through 1:1 Conversations
  • Tailor Your Communications Based on Time Zones

Send the message
they’ll actually receive.

  • Business

  • Online

  • Consumer

  • Call blocking

The industry is changing and phone carriers are now selectively
blocking incoming phone calls without notifying the caller, so your call
may not even be reaching your customer. Text messages have a more
reliable delivery rate than other messaging mediums.







      Here’s How It Works

      All texts sent through our platform are sent by a human, making this messaging process TCPA compliant. If a consumer signals that they do not wish to receive any additional text messages, we stop sending them texts immediately.

      FCC Legal Rulings

      Peer-to-peer text messaging platforms are the only text messaging platforms that have been addressed by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC).The FCC provided a declaratory opinion, stating, in relevant part, as follows:

      “if a texting platform actually “requires a person to actively and affirmatively manually dial each recipient’s number and transmit each message one at a time” and lacks the capacity to transmit more than one message without a human manually dialing each recipient’s number, as suggested in the P2P Alliance Petition, then such platform would not be an “autodialer” that is subject to theTCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act).”Each text sent through the SndRight platform is sent by an individual, ensuring that this process meets the FCC guidelines and is not subject to the TCPA.
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      What our clients are saying

      SndRight enables us to communicate with patients using a channel they prefer, in a TCPA-compliant manner. We appreciate the ease of implementation as well as its effectiveness to increase contact rates and recoveries.

      Tim Haag, President

      State Collection Services, Inc.

      What our clients are saying

      SndRight is an important tool in our toolbox to communicate with consumers via text message to help drive inbound calls and reduce our TCPA compliance exposure.Ever since our first campaign,SndRight has exceeded our expectations.

      Jack W. Brown III., President

      Gulf Coast Collection Bureau, Inc.

      What our clients are saying

      Everyone here at MBB loves the partnership with SndRight.The service truly does drive inbound calls.

      Eric D. Mock, President

      Medical Business Bureau

      Start sending TCPA compliant
      text messages today.

      With our powerful and groundbreaking platform, it’s never been easier to
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